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Weblogic Interview Questions

Some of the most common Weblogic questions you may come across,

  1. Tell us something about cross domain security
  2. What is a STUCk Thread & a Hogger Thread
  3. What is the default JTA timeout and in what scenario you might change it.
  4. How do you take a Weblogic process thread dump
  5. Deloyment types, explain staging vs non-staging
  6. Would you disable host name verification if yes why?
  7. Tell us a bit about
  8. How would you recover from ldap corruption in Weblogic domain
  9. How do you take Weblogic process heap dump
  10. How do you change the default Java memory settings
  11. What is a Node Manage & Types
  12. Can you start a Admin server without a node manager
  13. Can you start a managed server without an Amin sever
  14. How do you enable/enforce client authentication on a managed sever
  15. What is a work manager
  16. What are the (3) different types of Work Managers
  17. Tell us about Managed Server Indepence mode
  18. What is a Weblogic cluster
  19. Is there a limit on how many managed server a cluster can have
  20. Is there a limit on how many clusters a domain can have
  21. How will you decide on the number of managed servers
  22. What is the difference between a graceful vs forced shutdown of a Weblogic server
  23. How do you enable SSL on Weblogic
  24. Is there a limit on number of threads in a Weblogic Server
  25. How can you make sure Weblogic is able to reconnect to the database after a downtime
  26. What is XA or Non-XA datasource
  27. Explain min & max datasource connections, how do you decide on these values
  28. What is the Weblogic default file descriptor limit
  29. Tell us about complete message timeout, it’s default value and significance
  30. Explain  default incoming message time
  31. Can you recover Domain password if you delete the file by mistake?
  32. Can you recover a Domain if you delete config.xml and if there are no backups available ?
  33. How can you get Weblogic to trust a remote SSL website?
  34. What is SSO?
  35. What is SAML?
  36. Difference between SAML 1 & SAML 2
  37. How will you enable two way SSL in Weblogic?
  38. Can you really change the default tmp directory, if yes, how?
  39. What is the difference between /dev/random & /dev/urandom?
  40. What is a file descriptor? How will you check the current value?
  41. Does Weblogic support null ciphers?
  42. What is default session idle timeout for webapp deployed on Weblogic if not specified in web.xml?
  43. What is the default STUCK thread timeout?
  44. 32 bit OS vs 64 bit OS
  45. Weblogic Server goes out of memory frequently in production , what will you do next?
  46. If you receive http 403 while accessing a resource on WL server , what does that mean?
  47. If you receive http 404 while accessing a resource on WL server, what does that mean?
  48. If you receive http 500  while accessing a resource on WL server, what does that mean?
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