Problem: I have deployed a newly built application on Weblogic but I still see the old application.

A very common problem:

I have deployed a newly build application but I still see the old application.

Ok above problem is very common in a clustered environment spanning multiple managed servers across several VM’s/machines.

Basically this is a Managed server directory structure,


drwxr-x—  security
drwxr-x—  data
drwxr-x—  cache
drwxr-x—  stage
drwxr-x—  tmp
drwxr-x—  logs


1) Redeploy the application when all managed servers are running and if this is not possible as sometimes applications are so huge

and require lot of memory and do lot of things on startup then,

2) Stop the managed server you think is not serving the latest application.

3. Take a backup of the managed server directory just in case (i.e. Rename the entire managed server directory, not copy, so basically,

mv managed_server_1 managed_server_1_bkp – This is equivalent to deleting the entire managed server directory !!!



drwxr-x— managed_server_1_bkp

* You have no active server directory here *

4) Next start the server, this time your start command will try to connect to Admin Server and download everything (security,data and application)

If there was no problem connecting to Admin and applications are small enough to download, You should see,


drwxr-x— managed_server_1_bkp
drwxr-x— managed_server_1

5) Finally let QA test your application, and if all is well -> rm -rf managed_server_1_bkp

(that’s it 🙂 Enjoy)

If above fails then I recommend  you use nostaging mode for your deployment