Many of the Oracle Fusion Middleware components (Examples – OSB, OID, ODI, OAM etc)  require the existence of schemas in a database prior to their installation.

These schemas are created and loaded in your database using the Repository Creation Utility (RCU).

To create the required schemas, get the latest version RCU from oracle downloads, also make sure it’s compatible with the software you are trying to install.

  1. So to create a repository, First create a password file,
[oracle@machine1 ]$ cat passwordfile.txt
[oracle@machine1 ]$


2. Decide what schemas your software needs

3. Create using following command

/u01/app/oracle/product/j2ee/oracle_common/bin/rcu -silent -createRepository -databaseType ORACLE -connectString ip-address:1521:sid -dbUser sys -dbRole SYSDBA -schemaPrefix VJPOC -useSamePasswordForAllSchemaUsers true -component MDS -component IAU -component IAU_APPEND -component IAU_VIEWER -component OPSS -component UCSUMS -component WLS -component STB -component SOAINFRA -f < passwordfile.txt

4. To Recreate domain drop schemas…

Do NOT DROP SCHEMAS MANUALLY************** Instead use -dropRepository

/u01/app/oracle/product/j2ee/oracle_common/bin/rcu -silent -dropRepository  -databaseType ORACLE -connectString ip-address:1521:sid -dbUser sys -dbRole SYSDBA -schemaPrefix VJPOC  -component MDS -component IAU -component IAU_APPEND -component IAU_VIEWER -component OPSS -component UCSUMS -component WLS -component STB -component SOAINFRA -f < passwordfile.txt

5. Just in case you have manually deleted the schemas, You will need to delete schema data from System.SCHEMA_VERSION_REGISTRY$

select username from dba_users where username like '%VJPOC_%';

select 'drop user '||username||' cascade;' from dba_users  where username like '%VJPOC_%';

drop user VJPOC_MDS cascade;
drop user VJPOC_WLS_RUNTIME cascade;
drop user VJPOC_WLS cascade;
drop user VJPOC_IAU_VIEWER cascade;
drop user VJPOC_IAU_APPEND cascade;
drop user VJPOC_IAU cascade;
drop user VJPOC_OPSS cascade;
drop user VJPOC_SOAINFRA cascade;
drop user VJPOC_STB cascade;
drop user VJPOC_UMS cascade;


Select * from System.SCHEMA_VERSION_REGISTRY$;
delete from System.SCHEMA_VERSION_REGISTRY$;