Phsing e-mail is an e-mail which seems like it has come from someone you know, a past friend or a family member or the organisation you have worked with or have accounts with (Such as banks) etc.

This has become a menace in the changing world, more and more hackers are trying to steal your personal details by using such e-mails.

If you receive such an email and is unusal in what’s being asked for, or what it contain’s, attachments etc.

You can verify if it’s really REAL or FAKE by checking the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) header value in the e-mail headers.

You can read more about SPF here –

Lets find how to identify if an email is a Phishing or not.

I am giving you an example for a gmail but you can check headers for other e-mail providers too.

Just google “How to see e-mail headers for Outlook” etc.

Step – 1

Go to your gmail, on the right hand corder, use highlighted dropdown which displays various options,


Choose Show original from the available options, this will display headers

Step – 2

Look for SPF or spf, the value for this must not be other than PASS or pass if it’s not pass call the person or bank instead of giving away any data or opening any attachments.


Examples of other SPF values here,


Be Safe!!!

I have given away my e-mail id above, please do not send me any e-mails 🙂 Thank you.